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The Region

Quenza is in the heart of the Alta Rocca in South Corsica, between Ajaccio and Porto-Vecchio.
The Alta Rocca region also called 'la terre des Seigneurs' is one of the oldest populated region. It is a part of the Natural Parc of Corsica, and sites like Bavella, Cuscionu, Piscia di Gallu or Cucuruzzu are knowned in the entire world.
Activities: hiking, horse riding, canyoning, climbing, via ferrata, VTT...
During the summer you can enjoy horse'races in the higher European race field of Viseo.
You can also visit the Alta Rocca Museum in Levie, the Resistance Museum in Zonza, and a lot of churches and chappels.

The little town of Quenza of 200 people, still have is corsican tipical soul.
In the mountains, this little village is the ideal point to visit South Corsica.
45 minutes far from Porto-Vecchio, Solenzara, Propriano you can enjoy the most beautiful beaches of the beauty island and mountains activities like hiking direclty from the town.
The Cuscionu with his wild pigs and horses, his pozzini is 15 minutes far from the hotel.
Bavella is 20 minutes far from the hotel.
Sole e Monti is in the heart of the Mare a Mare Sud, and has a direct link to the GR20.