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In the 60's, Charles Balesi Father wanted to open an hotel in his little town of Quenza.
That was a big challenge because in this period the tourism was not as developed as now. With his will and pugnacity he lay the cornerstone of the hotel in 1965.
From then the Balesi's family has made of this hotel a place to stop in the Corsican mountains.
'Le tour de Corse', a famous rallye used to stop in Quenza, a lot of pilots have been our clients and friends such as: Jean Claude Andruet, Jean Pierre Nicolas, Gérard Larousse, Bernard Darniche, Jean Todt, Sandro Munari, Ari Vatanen, Walter Rohrl, Michèle Mouton...
But also journalists as Gary HOGG, or politicians as Margaret THATCHER or Denis HEALY in their time.
With time and experience the restaurant became famous, thanks to the chef Felicien Balesi.
Gastronomic shows, press articles, radio and tv gave us an international visibility.
His nieces, Elodie and Estelle Balesi are now in charge of the place.
Estelle is gratuated from IDRAC a business school, and Elodie from the Institut PAUL BOCUSE, Lyon.